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Who the hell are we?

Anananas & Pampamplemousse is the international improv group composed by Dan Seyfried, Gael Doorneweerd-Perry and Cédric Marschal.

Formerly named after the company we co-created back home, La Carpe Haute, we rebranded ourselves to offer a fresh, juicy-fruity improv experience, with always the same fun! 🍍

Here you can find a little bit more info on us, our shows, some pictures and videos of our past festivals, shows and tours in the last few years, the other projects we are part of individually, the future events to know where to find us, and of course all the info you need to contact us if you are interested to have Anananas & Pampamplemousse in your community!

Where to find us next?

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Just Play

Just Play is our world-wide reknown freeform show. With objects, our bodies, the music and more, the show is exploring smoothly plenty of different worlds. Crazy, visual, poetic and full of energy, be ready to scream, laugh and cry!


Switch our latest format: a science-fiction narrative longform. What if in the course of evolution another species would have taken over the world and humans where just considered an animal?

The Fraltons

The Fraltons is our show featuring our brother Morgan Mansouri. In a totally wordless play, the four French Bandits will show a rocambolesque story full of guns, horses and whisky in the Wild Wild West.

What is Just Play?

Just Play is a freeform show, full of energy and variations, in which the inspiration will come from objects picked in the audience, the music, the lights, the bodies, and everything that might happen in the moment.

Here is a video from the BIG IF 5, in Barcelona (Spain), for the improv festival held every year. The music is skillfully performed by our friend Phil Lunn.

More videos are available on YouTube.

What can we teach you?

A Journey in Freeform

In this workshop, Gael, Cédric and Dan will give you keys to enter the wonderful world of Freeform. The 3 Frenchmen will give you their insights on how they practice and love to play on stage.

Love each other, play as one in the group and use everything. With all these elements brought together, come and have fun with us in the infinite playground of freeform!

Individual workshops

Click here to have the list of the workshops we are teaching individually: physicality, characters, connection, genres, and so much more to explore!

What do people think about us?

Anananas & Pampamplemousse has infectious energy and they take incredibly creative risks that pay off each time. The show is fluid, fun and I recommend you one of their shows yourself!

Stacey Smith

Teacher and Performer, Chicago (USA)

Gael, Cedric and Dan, with their show, “Just Play”, are a reminder of the artistic value of enjoying what we do on stage. They are like three wise, playful children, trapped in adult bodies, sent to this world to make it a bit sweeter and happier.

Billy Kissa

Teacher and Founder, Athens (Greece)

Anananas & Pampamplemousse is one of my favorite improv comedy groups in the world! As a performer and festival producer, I have the opportunity to see many different companies and they continues to be one of my favorites. Their imaginative physicality, larger than life facial expressions and hilariously charming scenes make for an unforgettable show that reminds you of the joy that is live improvisational theater. As an audience member and producer, I cannot recommend them enough!

Will Luera

Artistic Director, Sarasota (USA)

Imagination, freedom, trust, great joy and playfulness. Everything is possible when this ensemble is on stage! I love it!

Inbal Lori

Teacher and Improviser, Berlin (Germany)

Anananas & Pampamplemousse excel in playful, physical theater. Their scene starts can be boldly absurd, and the team enthusiastic and committed support of each other makes for very enjoyable storylines. They’re a lot of fun to watch.

Kiki Hohnen

Improviser, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Something impossibly magical happens when Cédric, Dan and Gael step on stage together: eyes widen, smiles broaden, bodies lean forward in their seats. Their playfulness and joy is matched only by their incredible skill as improvisers and ability to pull the funniest thing you’ve ever seen from mid air. It’s quite simply some of the best improv I’ve ever seen.

Ella Galt

Teacher and Performer, Barcelona (Spain)

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